Bio ︎︎︎︎

I was born in 1997 to a professional tennis player and an untamed coyote!

After spending sixteen years in the suburbs of Chicago, I moved to Baltimore where I have just acquired a BFA in Ceramics from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Currently I split my time between yelling at people that I love them and turning my drawings into sculptures that make me laugh and feel small.
Akin Akman says “on our off days we’re exceptional, but on our good days we’re untouchable.”
I strive for those good days!

Artist Statement︎︎︎

In all of my twenty-two years on this planet, I have never been more sure of two things. The first truth I have learned is that clay is a soul finding machine. I say this because the labor behind ceramics creates a headspace that’ll make you think twice about who you are.

The second truth I have learned is that clay and man is the most beautiful example of symbiosis the world has ever seen!

A rookie in every sense of the word, I have spent the last two years blending these epiphanies together into my newfound journey of ceramic figure sculpture. Combining the laughter of my Spanish and Peruvian grandparents with the work ethic of my single mother from South Korea, an all American HOO-RAH studio rhythm has made its way to Baltimore, Maryland.

My mission is simple: to create endearing monuments that emit love and company. Referring to these monuments as my Little Woogies, they are a growing society of ceramic protagonists that pull from early 2000’s American cartoons, the bootleg toy movement, and California funk ceramics! For the first time in my life, I feel like I belong somewhere; to this tradition of ceramics that drips like gold and amasses into something bigger than myself.

The bigger I build, the more I love my mother & the more I love the world!

What a Goddamn pleasure it is to be human!