I was born in 1997 to a professional tennis player and and untamed coyote!

After spending sixteen years in the suburbs of Chicago, I moved to Baltimore where I have just acquired a BFA in Ceramics from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Currently I split my time between yelling at people that I love them and turning my drawings into sculptures that make me laugh and feel small.
Akin Akman says “on our off days we’re exceptional, but on our good days we’re untouchable.”
I strive for those good days!


I am exploring the symbiotic friendship between maker and form!

Through creating in an intuitive and tender state of mind, my materials become figures who emit love & company!

As a free-wheeling multiracial American, I am exercising a freedom fueled by existential urgency and modern globalism!

By building in colossal scales, I change up the very notion of monuments by paying tribute to my family’s many lineages of North + South Korean, Spainish, and Peruvian legacies in a all American hoorah! 

Operating as trojan horses, my work and I are on a neverending quest to celebrate sculpture as a soul finding machine, therefore relieving an anxiety over cultural authenticity!

The bigger I build, the more I love my mother & the more I love the world!

What a Goddamn pleasure it is to be human!