︎︎︎Bio ︎︎︎

Isolina Minjeong Alva was born in 1997 to a professional tennis player and an untamed coyote! With an all American HOO-RAH studio rhythm, they are currently balancing the fine art of yelling “I love you!” to the people of Baltimore City,  and turning little drawings into sculptures that make them laugh and feel  small.

︎︎︎Artist Statement︎︎︎

A firm believer that clay is a soul finding machine, Isolina’s in love with the labor behind building in monumental scales because it makes you think twice about who you are!

Investigating the history of companionship, their mission is simple: to create endearing monuments that emit love and company.


Combining the laughter of their Spanish and Peruvian grandparents with the work ethic of their single mother from South Korea, Isolina’s Little Woogies are a growing society of ceramic protagonists that pull from 90’s and early 2000’s cartoons from the East and the West. Throw the 80’s neo-pop movement and things start to make a little more sense!

“The bigger I build, the more I love my mother & the more I love the world! What a God damn pleasure it is to be human!”